Mainline Rainbow

Created by laminating 92-gauge polyester (MET/PET) film to Metsä Board’s C1S folding boxboard (FBB), Mainline Rainbow is sturdy enough to be folded, diecut, or embossed, and provides an excellent surface for printing. Graded for cosmetic use, this board is ideal for use in beauty or luxury packaging, point of purchase displays, signage, CD and record covers, book jackets, tags, or greeting cards.

Available from 80# to 40pt. Mainline Rainbow can also be laminated to other board types, such as SBS, SUS, and CCNB, as needed.

Board Calipers: 16pt 18pt 24pt
Basis Weights: 172# 185# 236#

(includes film and adhesive)
Haze Level: <1.0 film
Film Basis Weight: 6.25
Adhesive: Water-based

NOTE: MET/PET film amplifies a board’s imperfections; as such, they are a normal, inherent part of the finished product


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